Lead Generation in 2014

What a great year it has been! With the online personal loan industry coming back with strength, Round Sky has improved its lead flow engine to place leads with lenders with more efficiency and at the same time increase lead quality to levels unseen before! Each year brings something new and Round Sky is on the cutting edge of technology and lead acquisition to ensure both lead sellers and lead buyers are getting the metrics they desire.

Our hard working team members have cultivate a number of long-term relationships with both lenders and affiliate partners through strategic ideas and metrics that no other competitor can come close to.

We’ve exhibited and/or attended the Affiliate Summit, LeadsCon, and OLA conferences.

Looking forward: you can expect to see the Round Sky team at the Online Lenders Alliance conference, Lend360, this year in New Orleans to learn more about what Round Sky does and how we can work together to benefit your specific operation..

If you are interested in purchasing personal loan leads for your online personal loan portfolio you can sign up as a Lead Buyer here, or if you’re looking to looking to distribute your personal loan leads you can sign up here as a Lead Seller.


Affiliate Summit West


Happy New Year!

There’s no place like Affiliate Summit for our industry.  It’s a great place to generate new business, meet clients face to face for the first time, and reunite with colleagues you’ve built relationships with.

Round Sky, Inc. will be attending this year’s Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.  We will be at the Meet Market at table #821.  This year’s conference is taking place at the Paris Hotel & Casino.  Whether you’re already working with us, or interested in becoming an affiliate/publisher, stop by our table and say hello!

If you are interested in setting up a meeting with one of our account representatives please email them at:

Lead Sellers/Ping Tree: RGIV@roundsky.com

Affiliate Marketing/CPA Offers: Michelle@roundsky.com

We look forward to meeting with you at the show!

Sell Auto Title Loan Leads

auto title loan leads

Sell title loan leads to Round Sky today!

Are you a website publisher or an experienced affiliate? Do you have experience with payday, auto title loans, or financial offers? If so, we have the vertical for you.  If you don’t generate auto title loan leads already, you should be.  If you have noticed your payday conversion rates dropping, you’re not alone.  Send your quality traffic to auto title loan offers instead.  At Round Sky, Inc. we buy title loan leads from hundreds of affiliates nationwide.

Title Loan CPA Offers

A CPA offer means that the affiliate is paid per action, in this case affiliates are paid for every title loan lead sold.  Send your traffic to one of our top converting auto title loan offers, and increase your earning potential. We accept many forms of traffic: search, display, email, SEO, mobile and social.  The short application (13 fields) increases conversion rates, and makes these offers perfect for search and display campaigns.  Title Loan affiliate offers convert off the first page, and have a payout of $10. To sign up to run one of our amazing CPA offers and sell auto title loan leads apply here.

Want to view our Title Loan Offer landing pages? Visit the links below:

Piece of Cake Title Loans
Title Loan Portal

Sell Title Leads Direct

Want to start making more money? Have SEO experience? Website publisher experience? Website publishers and SEO specialists can sell auto title loan leads to us directly.  Our dedicated IT team will work with you to integrate your application form with our ping tree. Get paid for your knowledge of online marketing. Our sales team will help you create optimized landing pages proven to generate better results.  Sign up today to sell title loan leads to Round Sky.

Let Round Sky, Inc. help you increase profits by generating auto title loan leads. To contact us visit our contact form here, or visit our website here to learn more about Round Sky, Inc.

Buy Auto Title Loan Leads

auto title loan leads

Did you know that Round Sky, Inc. generates auto title loan leads? We’re not just a payday loan lead generation company anymore! Are you a car title loan lender in the United States? Are you looking to expand your business or increase your earning potential? Round Sky, Inc. can help!

Auto Title Loan Lead Generation

How do we generate vehicle title loan leads for our buyers? In a wide variety of ways:

1) SEO

Round Sky owns auto title loan web properties that rank organically.  We utilize innovative SEO strategies to generate title loan leads via these web properties.  Customers searching for auto title loans visit our websites, fill out an application, and those leads are delivered instantly to our ping tree for our auto title loan lead buyers to purchase.  SEO traffic converts incredibly well. Contact us today to buy auto title loan leads.

2) Affiliate Traffic

In addition to our SEO efforts, the Round Sky Affiliate Network generates leads for our auto title buyers each day.  We work with affiliates across the country who generate targeted vehicle title loan leads through search, display, and email marketing campaigns.

3) In-house PPC

Our in house team of pay per click advertisers generate title loan leads by running highly targeted search campaigns across a variety of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier search engines.  You name the location, and we’ll generate the leads.

4) Email Marketing

Our creative email marketing campaigns generate auto title loan leads by targeting customers who have previously expressed interest in similar financial products.

As an auto title loan lead generation company, Round Sky, Inc utilizes these lead generation practices and more to produce the highest quality leads for our lead buyers. Contact us today to become a Round Sky, Inc. auto title loan lead buyer.


Round Sky gives out free websites

We have some excellent news for our existing publishers and new publishers who are considering working with Round Sky.

We are pleased to announce that yesterday, on 7/23/2013, we’ve released our new functionality called “Site in a Box”.

A common theme that we encounter when someone signs up work with Round Sky as a publisher is, “I have worked in this XYZ vertical and I’ve been very successful, I want to start generating payday leads / title leads / installment leads but I don’t have a website for it.”

Our new “Site in a Box” functionality solves this for you. Next time when you login to the Round Sky reports, just go to “Site in a Box” and you will have the option of choosing from several different landing pages and forms, once you’ve chosen the landing page design you like just hit download, and the zip file comes already pre-configured to your account.

Then just unzip the site on your server and the site is ready! No configurations necessary, no need to get a designer or setup a database, all the graphics and the coding is done for you, you can modify everything if you wish, and all of it comes pre-configured for your account.

So if you’re interested in getting a free payday loan lead generation website please sign up for a publisher account with Round Sky. Payouts for payday loan leads that you generate are $120+ per lead, for Installment loan leads the payouts are $140+, and the payouts for very short form title loan leads are $10+ per lead.

Sign up to be a publisher here.

If you’re an existing publisher you can login to the Round Sky Reports here.

Affiliate Marketing: Zip Submits & the Death of a Network


When I first got started in this industry back in 2009 I would often get asked for zip submits or email submit offers.  This was especially true for the Insurance vertical.  While publishers often seek out offers with fewer fields, the issue with email or zip submits tends to be the quality.  Therefore, Round Sky never promoted zip submit or email submit offers much to the dismay of certain publishers.  Looks like we made the right decision in the long run.

Take a look at what happened to Aderactive this time last year.  Once a bustling business, the company was forced to close it’s doors last year, and leave a lot of unpaid affiliates without a check to cash.  Once very rich, the owners of Aderactive were forced to close their doors when they lost a lawsuit to the FTC.  The government found their zip and email submits to be fraudulent, and that they used deceptive practices to promote these offers.

The FTC is clearly fighting on behalf of the consumer on this one.  As an affiliate network it’s our job to monitor the ways in which our publishers promote our offers.  On our end we put fraud checks in place, to ensure the quality of the traffic we generate.  Publishers are provided with approved subject lines, from lines, etc.  We also do our part by avoiding incentivized or co-registered traffic.  Consumers must opt in to receive email marketing, and so on.

At Round Sky we carry first page offers, and addition to full form.  While this isn’t the same as an email submit, the fewer fields do convert better for search and display traffic. Contact us today to learn more about our offers.

How do you feel about the FTCs ruling on zip or email submits? Let us now!



Affiliates: Find us on Commission Junction

Commission Junction

After weeks of technical integrations, affiliates and publishers can now access Round Sky offers on Commission Junction.  Learn about our program or apply to run our offers here.

Right now we’re advertising two of our top affiliate offers.  Our top CPA offers include Bright Sky Lending and PaydaySOS! Sign up for our program on Commission Junction or at Roundsky.com here.

Start earning more with Round Sky and our top converting CPA offers!

Google Affiliate Network Closes

google aff network

Thud! That’s the sound of the Google Affiliate Network door closing.  Google has decided to shut down GAN their internal affiliate network, which is news to its employees who continue to promote the product via company social network sites.  The Google Network will close July 31st, 2013.  Affiliates will be able to retrieve reports until October 31st.

Google will close the network to focus on other products like their Product Listing Ads.  While some affiliates had luck with the Google Affiliate Network, many had trouble reaching their CPA goals.  Affiliate Marketing tends to benefit the affiliate above the network, and this seemed to be the case with Google.

If you are looking for a place to send your traffic with GAN shutting down, Round Sky, Inc. is happy to accept it.  At Round Sky, Inc. we purchase leads from affiliates who send traffic from search, display, and email marketing campaigns.  We have a variety of offers to choose from: Short form offers, full form offers, and revenue share.  Our short form offer payouts range from $7 to $14, and our full form offers range from $45 to $130.

Sign up to join our network here, and visit the website to learn more about our program today! Or contact us here.


A Note on Recent Lead Volume

You may have noticed that the number of leads being presented to lenders is lower than usual. This is not due to a lower amount of leads available in the Round Sky system – April so far is seeing at least a 50% increase in leads from March.

The decreased volume in a leads presented is due to our inflow of new lenders and existing lenders raising price points (we’ve signed up more than 10 new lenders in the past month, each with multiple price points). The new demand is causing leads to be placed at higher prices than before and thus a lot more leads are being placed before they go through our full tree.

We understand and apologize that the limited selection is causing a lack of leads to be funded.

Actions we are taking to increase lead volume:

1. we’ve added more sales staff to attract more lead sellers

2. we’ve launched our new iframe solution

3. we are asking lenders to consider customers they’ve previously overlooked, like those who get paid weekly, monthly, or are on benefits.

In the meantime, it may be helpful to know that volume (and demand) is highest on Monday-Friday at 7AM-6PM PST. To improve your lead acquisition strategies you may consider buying off peak, before 7AM, and experiment with buying customers who get paid Weekly, Monthly, are on benefits, have a Savings account, etc.

Thank you for working with Round Sky.

Publishers: Earning $50,000 a Month is Easy with Payday Offers


Why are cash advance offers so hot right now?  Publishers are making the change to payday loan campaigns, because of the proven potential for revenue growth.  Here at Round Sky, Inc. our network features a variety of top converting payday loan and financial offers for publishers to choose from.  Our newest offer PaydaySOS.com is the hottest new payday loan lead gen form with a payout of $130.

There are six main reasons why affiliates are making the shift to promoting payday loan offers. They include:

1. Competitive Payouts: If you are an experienced publisher, you know that the average payout on an offer ranges between $20 and $40 for a full form.  If you switch to promoting payday loan offers the average payout increases to between $45 and $130 for a two page form.  Experienced publishers make millions of dollars each year generating payday loan leads.

2. Less Saturated: While the industry is growing, there is still less competition in promoting cash advance offers than other verticals.  This can mean lower cpc costs for example, which can increase ROI and make it easier for you to meet CPA goals.

3. Popularity of Payday Loans: While the economy has been hard on many industries, the payday loan industry has profited from the economic recession.  The need for short term funding has increased in the US, Canada, and UK.

4. Decreased Form Abandonment: Payday loan customers tend to complete forms at a higher rate of around 70%.

5. Increased ROI: Affiliates running payday loan campaigns can spend less while making more.  Email marketing is affordable, and converts very well with payday traffic.  There are also many cheap keywords in the vertical to bid on.

Sign up as a publisher on www.roundsky.com today! Or contact us to learn more about our affiliate program.  Start generated leads for Round Sky today, and increase your earning potential.