• Real-time exclusive leads

    Every lead is a real-time lead and is 100% exclusive.

  • No minimum commitments required.

    No long-term contracts or upfront fees.

  • Easy to use web interface

    Change your filters, start and stop the lead flow, all online.

Get more personal loan leads & payday loan leads with Round Sky

If you are ready to grow beyond your in-house marketing and grow your book of borrowers to the next level, it's time to consider working with Round Sky.

Our extensive network of affiliates generates personal and payday loan leads from a variety of methods:

  • SEO: Published web content optimized to bring in leads through search engine results
  • Search Engine Ads: Advertising that targets users searching specific keywords
  • Social Media Marketing: Active and efficient marketing that engages users through their favorite social platforms
  • Email Marketing: Highly targeted emails catered to an audience primed for action
  • Native Ads: Unique advertisements embedded directly into webpages

By buying either payday loan leads or personal loan leads from Round Sky you will plug into our network of 50+ websites, and thousands of affiliates and their websites to significantly increase your access to a borrower base that is looking for a loan product that you offer. Working with Round Sky is an easy way to save yourself time, money, headaches, and grow your book of borrowers the easy way.

High-Quality Service

Most of our clients have been with us for years due to the quality of service that we provide. Always on your side, always treating your business like it's our business.

24/7 Web Portal

Get access to a powerful web interface that is available 24/7/365 to edit your filters, hourly & daily caps, and start and stop lead flow online. With Round Sky, a change can be implemented now, not in a few hours.

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Marketing Prowess

One-Stop Solution

We specialize in driving consistent, high-quality, high volume of customers to our lender clients via multiple online marketing channels -- taking the guesswork out of marketing and lead generation.

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client setting geographical and demographical filters to get the right leads
Filters galore

Meeting your strictest filters and requirements

With 20+ attribute filters, we make it simple to zero in on your perfect consumers. From geographical filters to demographic details, the leads that you get will be what you are looking for and nothing else.

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With Round Sky you can reach more customers every hour of every day.

online web portal with multiple filters for lead generation
Online Web Portal

Stay in control of your lead campaigns day or night. A/B test your campaigns whenever you wish. Adjust your filters and lead flow with a few clicks, all online.

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End to End encryption

From the consumer's phone or computer, to the data being sent to your server, everything is SSL encrypted ensuring security and integrity all around.

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Reports & Analytics

Get volume and price estimates through our web portal for whatever changes you are thinking about. Get in touch with us to receive even more optimization suggestions and reports.

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Custom Filters

Toggle and configure multiple demographic filters to reach the ideal consumers that you are looking for. Save your changes and see them go live instantly.

Round Sky Loan Leads FAQ

What are payday loan leads?

Payday loan leads are consumers who are looking for a loan, generally under $1,000 for a short-term duration, typically only a few weeks.

What are personal loan leads?

Personal loan leads are consumers who are looking for a personal loan, generally under $50,000 for a longer term duration, typically several months to several years.

How does payday lead generation & Personal loan lead generation work?

Generating payday loan leads & personal loan leads is not as simple as it seems. Someone submitting a loan request has to enter their income, state, age, employment status, bank account type, and all sensitive information, making the form longer than what the consumer is likely used to. However, this means that once the consumer does submit their information, as a lender buying the lead you will be able to set up filters to target the exact consumers that qualify for your product line(s).

Our large network of affiliate websites enables us to find online consumers who are looking for a personal loan or a payday loan and once they submit their request we will then attempt to connect the customer with a lender (potentially you) who can service their request. In this way the consumer gets a loan that they are looking for, and you, the lender, get a new customer to grow your business.

Why choose Round Sky for payday loan leads & personal loan leads?

At Round Sky, we are committed to driving consistent growth and outstanding results for our lender clients. When you choose to buy payday loan leads or personal loan leads from us, you can be confident that you will receive only the highest-quality leads that are looking for the service that you are providing. That quality comes from our automated fraud tools sifting out fraud before it gets to you, the extensive filters available to you, and our ongoing manual quality assurance of your campaigns.

Are the leads real-time or aged?

The leads are real-time and exclusive to you (they are not shared). As soon as the consumer submits their loan request, we will attempt to connect the consumer with a lender right there and then. Consumers appreciate the speed of the service and in today's age of everything being available right away, expect a decision right away after submitting their loan request.

Is there a minimum commitment required?

Forget about binding long-term contracts or upfront fees. At Round Sky, we know you'll stay with us as a client - because you want to, not because you have to. The service is pay-as-you-go, you can try us out and if we're not a fit for you, no problem.

How do I control my campaign?

You can change your filters, start and stop the lead flow... all online! With our user-friendly web platform, you can stay in control, no matter what time of the day it is.

What Lenders say about Round Sky:

"Not only does Round Sky provide quality profitable traffic to our lenders, they do it with Integrity and Transparency."


Eric W., Lending Consultant

"Round Sky drives high quality leads to our business and their customer service is unmatched elsewhere! We have 24/7 access to their portal, and very few partners give us this much visibility or control."


Marissa N., Lender representative

"Round Sky has helped us grow our business with great quality leads that convert well for our lending business. Their technology and support is top-shelf."


Dan C., Lender representative

"Round Sky has been our best performing vendor..."


Jeff M., Lender representative