CPA Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Guide

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Cost Per Acquisition Payouts

Learn about CPA and how high payouts can be below. Hint up to $250.

Paid Frequency for acquisitions

Round Sky pays out Weekly and Monthly. Earnings potential is unlimited.

Cost Per Acquisition real-time reports

With Round Sky you have a 24/7/365 access to your performance reports.

Why Make Money with CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Join Round Sky’s CPA affiliate marketing program and reap the benefits of a high earnings potential and quick payouts. You can leverage your existing websites and or your own to make money. With each user who fills out our form via your website, you’ll earn a commission of up to $250.

What Is CPA in Affiliate Marketing?

In affiliate marketing, CPA marketing is where the affiliate is paid a certain commission when they send a consumer to an advertiser’s website who completes a specific action, such as filling out a form, signing up for a newsletter, or completing a purchase. This commission is known as CPA, which means Cost Per Action/Acquisition.

At Round Sky, we provide CPA offers for our loan affiliate program. This means that once you join our affiliate network and become a loan publisher, you receive a fee every time a potential borrower fills out a loan application form through your website. So, all you need to do is publish the application form and work to attract traffic to your site. We take it from there and ensure that the borrower is connected with the most appropriate lender for their needs.

How Do I Promote a CPA Affiliate Marketing Offer?

First, to generate commission from a CPA affiliate program, you have to convince a user to take action via a banner, or a link, or an email, or an ad, etc. The first step is to reach the desired audience who may be interested in the Advertiser’s product. There are multiple different ways to reach the target consumer so that you can earn a commission from their action.

If you aren’t sure which works best for you, the best thing is to try, try, and try again. Keep track of your results, optimize, and make data driven decisions. Once you’ve settled on a specific marketing offer and platform, doing A/B testing to tweak your messages or ads can further lead to additional income earned. You might also find that a combination of methods helps you reach different audiences and maximizes your earning potential.

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Sales or Landing page

A dedicated landing page is simply a direct sales page that introduces all the important information about the product or service you are trying to promote. The goal of the page is to get the reader to complete the action, such as clicking through to the merchant right away or, at least, signing up for the mailing list. In most cases, this means you are sending your visitors directly to the advertiser's website.

Splash Page

You can build a splash page to encourage the readers to either click through to the advertiser or input their personal information. Usually, you would do this if you want to build a mailing list of your own, so you ask them to opt-in to your mailing list before sending them off to the Advertiser’s website to complete the conversion. This enables you to promote other products later without having to pay the acquisition cost again.

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Comparison Webpage

On a comparison page, you can compare and contrast several advertisers at once and let the consumer choose which one they want to continue with. You'll want to add disclosures to your page that you are compensated by each advertiser, but this can be a great way to offer your consumer choices—and for you to earn a commission no matter what the consumer chooses.

Use A/B Testing

One of the best ways to ensure the long-term success of your partnership with an affiliate network is to test the channels and pages to maximize outcomes. For example, you can employ A/B testing for promo pitch lines, email lists, the look of the hyperlink, the location of the sign-up form, and so on.

Pick up an extra percent of conversion here, an extra percent there, and soon you'll be making more money than you were before!

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What Are the Benefits of Joining a CPA Affiliate Marketing Program?

Once you target the right audience, CPA marketing can prove to be incredibly profitable. In fact, the cost-per-acquisition formula provides a number of benefits over other ecommerce marketing channels.

1. It’s easy to set up.

A CPA marketing campaign is easy to launch: All you need to do is get a website and join a CPA network. You need very little upfront investment to get started, and if you partner with a trusted CPA affiliate network like Round Sky, we’ll take all the guesswork out of the equation.

Once you set up your website and choose a CPA offer, you can start sending traffic to the advertisers and earn commission payouts almost immediately.

2. There’s a high potential for profit.

When done right, CPA marketing can be an incredibly lucrative field. Regular commission payouts coupled with the low costs of running the business result in high profit margins. Just think about it: All you need to run your business is a computer and internet access—no office space, no employees, no specialized equipment.

3. Being a marketing guru is not necessary

You don't need to be a CPA marketing guru to succeed, at least not initially. CPA affiliate marketing is an industry where practice makes perfect, and you’ll get closer to "perfect" over time.

You are welcome to choose which campaigns and methods to try as you become better at what you do. For example, bloggers can begin by writing optimized content to attract more people to their blogs. The more visitors your website has, the better your chances of getting them to convert and earning commission payouts.

4. There’s no need for your own marketing kit.

Most of the time, CPA advertisers will provide you with any and all marketing materials you will ever need to promote their products. At Round Sky, we offer multiple customized templates and website widgets you can insert into your website with a few simple clicks. That way, you can just get right on it and start earning commissions.

5. CPA affiliate marketing offers flexibility, independence, and convenience.

Similar to most passive income strategies, CPA marketing lets you work when you want. You are welcome to work in a flexible environment and schedule based on your preference. And the best part is that you don't even need to worry about any customer concerns that may arise after the sale; the advertiser's customer support team will take care of it.

Join the Round Sky CPA Affiliate Marketing Network

All in all, CPA marketing presents an accessible, lucrative opportunity for those looking to establish an additional source of income. As with any other business, choosing the right partners is of utmost importance. At Round Sky, we work with over 50 lenders throughout the country. This means that you can advertise their loan products and receive hefty commissions at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

CPA digital marketing is a relatively simple concept once you take a closer look at all the parties involved and their roles in the process:

Affiliate or publisher. This is your role. As an influencer (brand, business, or blogger), you promote a product or service to drive traffic to your website. Going back to our example, this means you’ll publish a loan request form from Round Sky on your website to help consumers find a loan they’re looking for.

CPA network. The CPA network is the platform connecting businesses who want their products or services promoted and the affiliates who want to make money by promoting them. For example, Round Sky is an affiliate lending network, meaning that we provide the glue between lenders and loan affiliates. Affiliates are connected to 50+ lenders via Round Sky, and lenders are connected to hundreds of affiliates.

Business or advertiser.This is the company or brand that desires to work with affiliates to drive high-quality traffic to their website and generate leads or increase sales. At Round Sky, we work with a network of over 50 lenders around the country so that the clients you refer have the highest chance of finding a lender that can service their loan request.

You earn commission through Round Sky every time someone completes a qualified action on your website or their website. These commissions are paid out regularly. You can choose to receive them weekly or monthly, depending on your settings and preferences. For your convenience, Round Sky offers payments through PayPal, ACH, check, or wire transfer. Your choice!

CPA affiliate marketing is just one type of affiliate marketing. The advantage of CPA is that the actions users must take for you to earn a commission are typically lower investments with quicker turnaround times.

With Round Sky, a qualified user only has to fill out the form and for all such qualified users you could earn up to $250 per information submitted. The commission earned is not subject to the consumer ultimately getting a loan or not, for example if they don’t like the loan terms or anything else like that. You get paid as soon as the consumer submits their information, the next page loads, and they are connected with a lender. Not all leads may result in commission, so be mindful, Round Sky only works with consumers in the United States (but you as an affiliate can be located in another part of the world), and obviously there are checks to make sure that the information is legitimate.

CPA affiliate marketing starts with a website and an audience. If you have both, you can easily leverage them to earn commissions by signing up for an CPA affiliate program, like Round Sky. Or if you don’t have a website and you have experience with pay per click ads, or if you have experience with email marketing, you can promote Round Sky’s website, all without needing a website yourself.

There are many ways to generate clicks and leads. If you have experience with SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social media marketing, or if you own a blog or a website you can get paid by signing up for an affiliate account with Round Sky’s affiliate marketing program here.

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