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Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program

Are you thinking of joining Round Sky’s Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program? As a debt consolidation affiliate, you gain exclusive access to a variety of promotional tools to earn money while helping consumers settle their debts, including: API integration to post leads to us directly from your website, CPL (Cost Per Lead) website offers to send consumers to from which you’ll earn a flat rate per form submit, and user-friendly website widgets to deploy on your owned and operated websites.

The idea of securing a personal loan for consolidation resonates with many working adults who feel overwhelmed by various debts and monthly payments. Becoming a Round Sky debt consolidation affiliate allows you to connect people with reliable debt consolidation loan or debt settlement options while earning you dependable commission checks. Win-win!

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Being an Affiliate can be Profitable

Experian reported that the average American adult maintained approximately $5,910 in credit card debt in 2022. Credit card debt is the most expensive type for consumers since interest rates usually exceed 20%. Failing to pay off the total balance on a credit card each month raises daily interest, making it nearly impossible to repay it in full.

To add fuel to that fire, the average American adult had an average of $37,338 in student debt in 2023. Tacking on an average of $18,255 in personal or vehicle loans and adding rent or mortgage costs and additional living expenses emphasizes the level of debt that countless Americans have. Many people's income isn’t enough to cover the minimum payments, let alone the total payoff amounts.

These situations are ideal for debt consolidation loans, helping Americans who fit into those statistics climb out from under the mountain of debt and make it manageable.

You can help these consumers and earn money at the same time.

Round Sky's Debt Consolidation Affiliate Program

Round Sky's debt consolidation affiliate program gets you access to top debt consolidation companies who are willing to pay up to $20 for every single consumer sent their way who has $10,000 or more in credit card debt and may be interested in the debt consolidation program; regardless if they sign up or not you still get paid.

By signing up for an affiliate account with Round Sky, you will be helping everyday consumers regain control of their finances through debt consolidation loans, and you’ll get paid for doing so. Signing up as an affiliate is quick and easy.

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As an affiliate, you’ll have access to our 24/7 real-time reporting. Your personalized dashboard instantly breaks down the revenue earned through CPL offers, website widgets, API-posted leads, and more. You’ll receive daily projections based on your performance, which empowers you to track and optimize your earnings and achieve success as an affiliate partner.

Your success is our business – we pay more and offer higher revenue share than our competitors. In addition to real-time statistics, we can offer dual-level sub-ID tracking, custom pixel placement so that you can track revenue in third party click software, if you wish, banners, videos, email creatives, and more.

Start Earning in 3 Simple Steps:


Open an Affiliate Account

Open your affiliate account to access marketing materials, including Revshare & CPL offers, API instructions, and website widgets.


Set Up Your Campaigns

Set up your campaigns and drive customers to our offers, the widgets that you host, or your own forms when posting to us via API.


Start Earning

Start earning from the leads you’ve generated and receive monthly or weekly payments via ACH, PayPal, wire transfer, or check.

Benefits of Joining

Explore the benefits of Round Sky’s debt consolidation affiliate program:

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Real-Time Reporting:

Gain immediate insights into your success with real-time reporting, allowing you to track and optimize your efforts effectively.

Flexible Payment Options:

Receive your earnings conveniently through weekly or monthly payouts through various payment methods, including ACH, PayPal, wire transfer, or paper checks.

Creative Resources:

Round Sky provides various marketing tools, banners, videos, iFrame widgets, website templates, and more.

Maximized Earning Potential:

With Round Sky's program, you can tap into a money-making opportunity by helping the consumers you refer (leads) secure better financial footing and the ability to get out from under their debt.

Dedicated Account Managers:

When you sign up as a Round Sky debt consolidation affiliate, you will have access to a dedicated account manager via via email, phone, and Skype. The account manager's job is to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

How to Get Started

To join Round Sky's debt relief affiliate program visit our affiliate sign-up page here and sign up for an account online.

Whether you're experienced with affiliate marketing or new to the industry, we welcome affiliates from all backgrounds and will be happy to provide all the resources you need to be successful and start making money with us.

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Round Sky Debt Consolidation Affiliate FAQ

Joining is as simple as filling out our sign-up form online. Once approved, you’ll gain access to your stats interface where you will be able to pull your unique links, and creatives, see your revenue statistics, and more.

Choose from various payment methods, including ACH, PayPal, wire transfers, or checks, and receive your earnings weekly or monthly.

Once you sign up we will provide you several guides as far as dos and don’ts. There are multiple truth in advertising laws that you will have to abide by.

Round Sky offers dedicated account manager support to our affiliates. You will be paired with an account manager that you’ll be able to reach via phone, email, or Skype.

Prior experience in affiliate marketing is a plus, but it's not required. If you already know what you’re doing our interface and flow will be intuitive; if you’re new, one of our Account Managers will be happy to walk you through the process.

Yes, we have multiple affiliate offers in the login area, with one account you’ll be able to promote offers of your choosing, and everything will be tracked back to your single account.

This will be up to you. How much you get out is how much you put in. If you already have a high volume website, a strong following on social media, or know how to advertise on pay-per-click programs such as Google’s Adwords or have a large email list – whatever method of advertising that you choose, how much work you put in to promote Round Sky’s offers will dictate how much money will earn.

Top affiliates earn 5 figures per week. Your revenue will depend on how much traffic your websites receive, or what kind of marketing you will engage in, but the opportunity is there for you to be successful.