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Send real-time leads directly into our system via an API integration. Weekly and monthly payouts, real-time stats, payouts up to $200 per lead.

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Online loan lead generators leverage our buying power to sell online loan leads to Round Sky in real-time. Whether your company is an experienced lead generator or you're just entering the space, adding Round Sky to your back end as a lead buyer can add significant revenue to your bottom line.

We offer:


  • Only live and exclusive leads accepted.
  • No leads from incentive traffic or co-reg traffic of any kind accepted.

iFrame looks like this

  • iFrames are a 2 line javascript code that you place on your website.
  • You can see a live example here

CPA Offers

  • Promote revshare or CPA offers.
  • Get paid up to $200 per lead.
  • Real-time stats.

Fantastic Service &
On-Time Payments

  • We pay weekly net-14 if you generate more than $1,000/week.
  • Get paid by ACH, Check, PayPal, or Wire.
  • Login interface for you to check your stats.
  • No shaving, no scrubbing, no hassles.
ACH Wire weekly & monthlypayments

Generate leads via

  • iFrame technology.
  • One of our site in a box websites.
  • Our in-house CPA offers.
  • API Integration.

API Integration

  • REST API supports POST/XML/JSON Integrations.
  • Multiple price points with static and revshare pricing.
  • Real-time lead response in seconds.
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